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I’ve got a gifset of Geth saved in my drafts and I won’t be posting it until the hype from the trailer goes down and when I finally get free time.

maze runner: beth x gally pirate au


newtism prompted me “Gally x Beth reading maps in the Right Arm” sooo long ago, and I’m really sorry it’s taken so long to finally finish. It turned into a pirate au that I kind of want to write more for because it was fun! Enjoy :D


The Right Arm was the most prolific pirate ship in all of the Caribbean and Indian oceans. There were dozens of reports of seeing the black sails across the open ocean; thousands of rumours about where it would make birth or where the next heading was. None of them ever seemed to ring true. The crew was a mystery, just another case of speculation and theory: the governess girl, Brenda, went missing during one of the sightings. Albert, an old stable hand, apparently kidnapped during a raid on a wealthy plantation owners land. Newton, once a member of her majesties royal navy. Zart, a blacksmith’s apprentice. Charles, one of the king’s illegitimate children. Elizabeth, a lady in waiting in the queen’s court. There were countless others, but these were the ones that they had gotten right.

The British government and the East India Trading Company had been hunting them down for years, and they had never been caught for two reasons: 1) friends in high places, and 2) Beth was the map reader. Always.

She didn’t understand why Gally couldn’t get that through his thick skull.

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Queen of Geth

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