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Samantha | 16 | Queen of Geth

DAYDREAMER ; noun ; 
One who spends
their day ignoring all
around them to go
escape to their
fantasy land


"where are we?"

I hear your voice in my sleep at night, Hard to resist temptation,  'Cause something strange has come over me, And now I can’t get over you No, I just can’t get over you,  I was there for you In your darkest times, I was there for you In your darkest night. But I wonder where were you When I was at my worst ?

Remember. Survive. Run.

Will and I are babysitting this girl who keeps sneezing like in a really high pitched noise



Actor and proud Londoner. Obsessed with Nike trainers and gutted i’ll never make it as a rapper. In your local library, reading a picture book.

You're freaking gorgeous! I am so jealous! Wow, I wish I looked like you!

Awe, darlin’ that’s so kind.
It takes a beautiful soul to be so kind

Sorry I haven’t posted a selfie in ages

a cute reminder that you are beautiful, your blog is hella rad and it's super cool! have a nice day, cutie!:)

Awe thank you honey!


For Cee


"Get Out!" Alby yelled. Newt’s face sank in obvious hurt - Thomas was surprised to see no anger there. Then after a long, tense moment, Newt stood up from his chair and walked over to the door, opened it.

"Don’t expect me to kiss your butt when you come sayin’ sorry" He said, then stepped into the hallway.